A la carte SponsorshipOptions


To choose a sponsorship package, download the Exhibit/Sponsorship Agreement Form, complete and fax to: 215-689-4367.

    Tuesday Night Party
Host conference attendees as they relax and unwind with a night of entertainment and fine cuisine at Denver’s Invesco StadiumContribute to planning the eventRecognition in conference promotional materialsMention in the Conference ProgramSOLD!
   Cyber Café
  (2 options)
Includes all the benefits of a Silver Sponsor plus the following:Sponsor internet stands with your company  branding in a high traffic area12 Internet standsComputer screens default to your web siteMention in the Conference ProgramSignage with your company logo providedOPTION 1: Sponsor provides hardware (must meet specifications): $15,000; OPTION 2: HPSF provides hardware: $25,000$15,000or$25,000
   Wireless Networking Area
Exclusive sponsor of wireless hotspots areas in at least one location in the convention centerSignage with your company logo providedMention in the Conference Program$10,500
    Badge Lanyard
Display your company logo on badge lanyards distributed to every attendee at registrationYour company logo imprinted on the lanyardDistribution to all conference attendeesRecognition in conference promotional materialsSOLD!
   Welcome Reception
Kick off the conference with your company’s branding throughout the Sunday evening Welcome ReceptionNapkins and cups with your company logo providedSignage with your company logo providedMention in the Conference Program$10,000
   Luncheon Sponsorship 
  with Table Tents
   3 available
Join the conference in sponsoring a luncheonIncludes a double-sided table tent on each table promoting your company or productSignage with your company logo providedMention in the Conference Program$6,000
   Breakfast Sponsorship
 3 available
Exclusive sponsor of one breakfastSignage with your company logo providedMention in the Conference Program$3,500
   Bookmark for Conference
Promote your company, product, or session on this double-sided, durable bookmarkSure to be a big hit, the bookmark will help attendees find the current day’s schedule in the 64+ page Conference ProgramMention in the Conference Program$5,000
  Ask the Experts
  limit of 3
Gather your company gurus and invite customers to join them for an in-depth discussion of your productMeeting space near the show floorA one-hour session advertised in the conference programYou provide all session content$5,000
   Product Evaluation Test   
Take attendees on a test drive of your product in a conference labYou provide all session content and software distribution of your product on the lab systemsA one-hour session advertised in the conference program$5,000
   Conference Notebook
A notebook for attendees’ session notesDisplay your company logo on the cover of the conference notebook distributed to all attendeesYour company logo imprinted on the notebookDistribution to all conference attendees$12,500
   Attendee Pen
  (2 options)
Pens distributed at registration to all conference attendeesRecognition in conference promotional materialsOPTION 1: Sponsor provides the pen with your company logo: $2,000OPTION 2: HPSF provides the pen with your company logo: $5,000$2,500 or $5,000
   Conference Attendee Bags
   or Portfolios
Exclusive sponsorLogo imprinted on conference bags or portfolios (TBD)Distribution to all conference attendeesA piece of your company literature included in each attendee bagMention in the Conference ProgramSOLD!
   Lab Hardware Sponsorship
  3 available: 2 PC labs and
  1 Unix lab
PC Lab Hardware (2 available); Unix Lab Hardware (1 available):30 machines per labSignage with your company logo providedA piece of your company literature placed at each workstationIncludes 1 full-page black-and-white ad in the Conference ProgramOPTION 1: HPSF provides hardware: $10,000OPTION 2: Sponsor provides hardware (must meet specifications): FREE to sponsorFREE with hardwareor
   Show floor Demo Theater
    4 theaters available
  (2 options)
Rent a 40-seat theater within a partitioned area on the show floorAvailable for unlimited number of sessions during showcase hoursYou provide all session content (subject to approval)A/V includedSignage with your company logo providedSOLD!
  Beer GardenSponsorship   
  Available Monday and Tuesday
Sponsorship of a beer stand near your booth during one of the show floor receptions on Monday or TuesdaySignage with your company logo providedMention in the Conference Program$5,000
   Pre-Conference Product
Include your product tip in a pre-conference promotional email  broadcastSent to 30,000+ high-level conference prospects$5,000
   Massage Chair
 3 available
Give attendees a break from conference sessions with a 5-minute neck massageExclusive sponsorship of three massage chairs for one dayMention in the Conference ProgramSignage with your company logo providedOption to have therapists where your company shirt$3,500 
   Hotel Room Drop
 Available Sunday, Monday, and
  Tuesday (limit of 2 per night)
Hotel staff will slide your company literature under the door of each conference attendee’s hotel roomYou provide the literature (literature subject to approval)$3,500
   Post-Conference CD 
A set of MP3 synced audio and video recordings for most of the conference sessionsIncludes your own demo CD within the CD setIncludes  your company promotional message on the CD—including a hot link to your company websiteCDs mailed in July to every attendee$10,000
   Hotel Key CardsSponsors logo and limited copy on key cards at all three hotelsGiven to conference registrants upon hotel check-inMention in the Conference ProgramSOLD!
   Conference Bag InsertYour company literature inserted in attendee bag (or folder)Distribution to all conference attendees$2,500
   Banner SpaceYour company banner hung in a high traffic areaViewable by all conference attendees$2,000

Additional options are available upon request.
Please contact Abby S. Dogum at 610-565-4045or [email protected]

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